How To Get AdSense Approval For Blogger

How To Get AdSense Approval For Blogger

How To Get AdSense Approval For Blogger Struggling to get adsense approval on your blogger. “It’s easy to get adsense approval on a Google blogger’s blog or anything”. Blog spot “free domain”.
It is not depend on the platforms like BlogSpot,or WordPress.
Here are the Full checklist that will be help you to get approval from AdSense.
I even used the same technique to get adsense approval for my blog..
Adsense approval in 2021 will cause difficulty and frustration for those who don’t know the right information about Adsense policies.

I have shown you 10 easy steps to get AdSense approval. In fact, I use the same technique to get approval on my own blog. You can see Adsense ads on our blog posts.

Adsense is the largest advertising network In the world. People are using AdSense to monetize their online content so that consumers can make money online when they click on ads. Estimated earnings depend on your adsense cpc rate.

Adsense approval is a very Simple process. AdSense have a policy called program policy guidelines for eligibility. You need to follow the policy to get AdSense approval.

People are struggling to get AdSense approval. Their application has been rejected by the AdSense team because they do not comply with the program’s policies and guidelines..

Only 3-4 accounts get approved on 1000 websites that are not good for publishers.

Me trying to get approval from AdSense

Let’s get started,

Google Adsense Approval Requirements

  • A clean and trusted site
  • Follow the policy of Adsense program.
  • Fix any UI and UX in website
  • At least 5 well written posts
  • Navigation bar
  • Organizational page

1.Make good design of new website

And make your website design clean and accurate. Every part of your website needs to be fixed. Don’t keep unnecessary buttons and widgets. The tags are worth the click. The links are valid.
Make a top navigation bar for navigation. Making sure the navigation bar is clean and well prepared.

It is very important to create a blank space on your website for advertisements.  You will not get the approval.
Create space between the post feed and the website’s sidebar. It’s quite a place for advertising and endorsements.
Make the width and height of the website responsible. Our site has been rejected 2 times simply for not being responsible website design.
Create all images and layout of a fully screen fit and responsible website. Follow to the Adsense Content Policy.

2.Publish the original content

Content is the king of the website. If your website post has been deleted or copied. This has been rejected by the Adsense team.
Create high quality content for adsense approval. Only a few contents are eligible for approval. You don’t need a ton of content to approve.

Bet the content is super high quality and crazy. Scraped and duplicate content is the enemy of adsense. Make content as good as possible.
The images on your website need to be original. Create your own photos and reflections for content.

3.Follow the Adsense Policy

Adsense has its own programming policy for website eligibility criteria. follow the Adsense policy very strictly.
Original content.
The website does not publish a disgusting post.
Misleading and abusive etc.
The Adsense program’s policy is designed for quality and authority between Adsense and publishers. No one can obtain AdSense approval without following the program policy.
This information is sufficient to gain AdSense approval. You won’t need anything else to get AdSense approval. I personally got AdSense approval through the following methods only after 4 rejection.

4.Make the following pages

About Us Pages, Contact Us, and Privacy Policy. These pages have  important factor in AdSense approval in 2022. If you do not make these pages for your website, Google will approve your website.

  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Term of services

Take a look at our site, I have all those pages, and these pages indicate the option of a website. If you not make these pages for your site, the site look like as spam.
Make about us and contact us through pages. Write good information about your site and create a contact form to communicate with the audience.

5.Neat blog design

A clean and focused blog design represents a professional organization for a blog.
A neat website template design example is shown below for reference.
It looks better and creates a better user experience for blog visitors.
Create a clean blog design and remove any unnecessary elements that make visitors feel uncomfortable and unprofessional.
Plus, add a navigation bar to your blog to make it easier to access blog content.

  1. Confirm all the buttons

Your blog should include buttons and clickable elements such as navigation bar elements, social sharing buttons, and a few additional surreal elements.
For example, if a user clicks on something on your blog, then it responds to an action in milliseconds.
If it doesn’t get answered, it’s bad user experience, and Google no longer approves such blogs.
Making sure all buttons and links are working as intended.
Don’t leave any clicking elements unresponsive.

  1. Use the original pictures

Google Adsense hates copied and copied images.
don’t use Copyrighted pictures for your website. This will hurt your SEO and won’t even get approved by AdSense.
Use images, graphics, and reflections taken from yourself in your blog.
You can also use copyright free images such as Pixabee images.
If your blog has duplicate photos, delete them. Use self created images and vector graphics.

  1. Do not publish scraped content

Like copy photos, if blogs have discarded content taken by another blog then that indicates low value blogs that don’t get adsense approval.
Do not copy and republish the content from other blogs or slightly edit the content on another blog that is already available.
Use your actual research and knowledge to write a blog post that Google Adsense loves to approve.

  1. Correct the order

Nearly 60% of the web has a view on mobile devices. So your blog should be mobile-friendly.
Customize your blog layout that fits perfectly on all device sizes such as mobile, tablet and desktop.
Use a good response theme on your blog.
You can use Google’s mobile friendly test to make sure your blog is mobile friendly.

  1. Publish 7-8 posts

You need some content on your blog to be eligible to apply for Adsense approval.
I suggest that you have at least 7-8 high quality blog posts before applying for approval.
Note that quality beats quantity every time.
You won’t need a ton of content, very little but good content is enough.
I even got adsense approval on our blog with only 5 posts.

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