Top 3 Things You Should Never Do After Getting AdSense Approval

Top 3 Things You Should Never Do After Getting AdSense Approval

Top 3 Things You Should Never Do After Getting AdSense Approval Before you can enjoy your income from AdSense, you need to ensure that your account is properly standing. Avoiding those 3 points is a start!

Getting my first website approved by Adsense is a great success. Proof that your content has financial value! This is definitely an occasion worth celebrating. But don’t forget that AdSense approval is not your final destination. Now comes the hard part: generating actual income.


To do so, first, you must learn about adsense policies. However, breaking the rules can be fatal. AdSense can alert you, limit your account’s ability to monetize, or worse, permanently suspend!

So, I’m going to tell you about three things you should never do after getting AdSense approval!

#1 you should never click on your ads!

I think clicking on your own ads is very compelling. However, this verb is strictly forbidden. Artificially increasing your clicks is against adsense policy. It’s an absolute rule, and you can’t challenge it. And, of course, dirty game like that will not increase your income.

Adsense in general, and Google has an intelligent algorithm that can detect fake clicks. So clicking on your own ads and asking other people to click on your ads would be contradictory. Artificially generated clicks hurt advertiser revenue, which is why Google hates the trick.

Sure, sometimes you can accidentally click on your ad

, which is understandable. Usually, when wrong clicks are detected, AdSense will either cancel it or cut your revenue at the end of the month. Nothing to worry about, as long as it was accidental and nothing is happening unnecessarily. However, if you do not heed this warning, then be prepared to face a hefty penalty from AdSense.

Sometimes, it’s not you but other people abusing the system. If you suspect unusual activity of people misusing the ads displayed on your website, you can report it to AdSense using this form. But then again, as usual, there will be nothing but crop cuts until the volume is larger.

The best way to avoid wrong clicks is to make things organic. Just let the commercials happen. Turn them on and forget about it.
Sure, you can check your website but deliberately never touch the ads. You should also avoid moving your page excessively as it can artificially air out ad impressions, which is also against the AdSense policy.

You also need to monitor your AdSense account. Use Google Analytics to analyze your traffic patterns. Don’t circulate your link in sketchy places as it may invite corrupt smugglers.
As soon as you notice the unusual increase in clicks, you can temporarily manually disconnect your website from AdSense. And, of course, don’t forget to report it through the form that I’ve attached above.

If you’re still worried about wrong clicks, you can take a Google lesson on how to position your AdSense account. If you work with integrity and follow guidelines, your AdSense income should be protected from fines.

#2 Don’t put ads in weird places!

You should never add promo codes in unusual places that may interfere with your visitors. Your ads shouldn’t be the center of attention of your websites. Please remember that users visit your website to view helpful articles, not ads.

If you decide to manually add advertising banners, you shouldn’t go too far overboard. AdSense has put together a guide on ad space best practices that you should follow!
One of the most important points you have to follow is to add ads on top of sugar. The first thing a viewer should see is your content, not a big ad.

The best way to place your ads is through Adsense auto-ad features. This System Will Automatically Determine The Best Places For Advertising Banners. Plus, AutoAds will also decide the maximum number of ads that will appear on your content.

However, auto ads can sometimes be weird, especially if your theme breaks down. Display advertisements can be placed in wrong places. If this happens to be the scenario, you’ll have to block false ad placement by using AdSense’s preview feature.

#3 Do not edit Ad Code

AdSense strictly forbids you from editing their promotional code. The safest way to manually input ads into your content is to simply copy the code generated by AdSense.
However, not all amendments are against adsense policy.. The platform gives you some freedom to modify advertisements code.

For example, you are allowed to manipulate the size of ads as long as the size follows AdSense guidelines. You can also edit ad code to load more effectively with Lida Adsense edit.
Although these amendments are legal, they are not recommended if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you have no prior knowledge of coding, it is better to use adsense ad code according to the system.

This is why I strongly recommend beginners to only use the Auto-Ad features. You don’t have to worry about code and ad placement.


AdSense is one of the best monetization programs that can be profitable. However, we must follow AdSense guidelines closely to ensure that our account is in good condition.
Always pay close attention to the policy center of AdSense, because usually any kind of violation will appear in this part to alert you. You can check it out by logging into your AdSense account and then selecting Policy Center from the sidebar.
As long as you act with integrity, monitor your traffic, and deliberately violate adsense policy, you have nothing to worry about. Now, focus on creating content and enjoying your income!

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