How to Solve AdSense Policy Violation Navigation

How to Solve AdSense Policy Violation Navigation

How to Solve AdSense Policy Violation Navigation One of the most common violations of Adsense is site behavior: navigation. Often faced startups who have just finished building their first website.
Poor navigation menu is the root cause of the site’s behavior: navigation violation.

Applying for AdSense is essential to provide a good vigorous navigation system. In fact, AdSense gives you clear requirements on how to create a good navigation menu for your blog.
The navigation system in your website must be clean and simple. It’s a part of good user experience (UI/UX) requirements.

Resolving Adsense policy violation “Site Behavior: Navigation”

Site Behavior: Navigation is a clear violation. So you should be able to fix it pretty fast.

Follow steps to correct this violation:

  1. If your blog doesn’t have a main navigation menu you should create one..
  2. Check for broken links in the menu and anywhere within the contents. You can use the broken link checker.
  3. Do not use external link for main navigation menu. Use the link inside for the main menu only.
  4. Change the layout or menu order, this includes only the necessary and relevant menus.
  5. Check if the menu below has been implemented correctly.
  6. For bloggers using, use labels to categorize your content into the following headings.
  7. Use the label links as your navigation menu. Put some of these on the side bar for an additional navigation system.
  8. Make sure the social media widget is properly implemented. Don’t leave them empty handed.
  9. Check every external links that you insert within articles to determine if they are still appropriately accessible.
  10. Remove all misleading or false anchor articles and irrelevant pages.
  11. Use public blogger profile so that users can visit your profile page properly.
  12. Do not use auto reduction scripts and pop up windows.
    If none of the above methods works, change your
  13. theme/template. Don’t forget to backup the existing theme before the change, in case you want it back after approval.

“To Prevent Site Behavior, Follow The Good Navigation Menu Rule: Navigation”

If you’re going to apply for AdSense, you need to pay attention to three principles of a good navigation menu so you don’t treat the Site: a navigation violation.

Your Website navigation bar and menu should have good alignment. If you want to click on one of the menus, it shouldn’t be moved any further. Unattractable navigation can cause a straight-missed menu click and the user may choose the wrong menu, thus sending them to the unwanted page.

Good navigation menu must have the ability to read well. Select proportional font size and clear font type for menu. Customers should be able to see and read menus easily.

Make sure there are no broken links in the menu. The menu should always point to the right and clear destination.

The Reasons Why You Received Site Behavior: Navigation Error

A Bad Blog Navigation System Will Lead To Site Behavior: Navigation. This type of Adsense rejection will occur if your Website contains the following elements:

Bad link Redirect

When users click on an external link, they will be sent to a different website. External linking is an important element that can enhance your knowledge.

Forced redirection using the script is not allowed. You should not force to redirect customers.

The use of false anchor link is also considered a bad link redirect. You should only enter the link within a sentence that relates to the destination of the link.

For example, if the anchor link says that it points to a Makkitv blog, then that link should also contain a Makkitv web address. If you link this to a blog that is not related to Sofan Max you have cheated your customers.. This is how adsense site behavior will reject your blog: navigation.

A Link That Points to Non Existing Content

A link like this often doesn’t get a 404 or a page. This usually happens when you enter a broken or wrong link. If your blog has too many broken links, site behavior may be: navigation.

Irrelevant Page

If your blog contains a post that is unrelated to your overall website title, AdSense may reject you. It is always better to publish relevant information.

False Claim Of Download or Streaming

Using “free download” and “free streaming” as desired words can attract a lot of visitors. However, if you provide the wrong download button or the wrong streaming, AdSense will detect the violation. Furthermore, having an illegal download or streaming link is always a bad idea because it is a violation of publishing right.

Importance Of a Good Navigation Menu in Terms of AdSense approval

Basically, AdSense only allows monetization for blogs that provide useful and purposeful information. Consumers should be able to find information within your blog easily and as promised. Your website should be used and contain information about the truth
Therefore, a good blog should provide a good vigation navigation system. This way, visitors will be able to visit or visit your blog to find information.

Users can get around your website through the link. This can be in the form of navigation menus or links inserted within articles.
Navigation system can also point to external sources.  When using an external link you have to make a clear difference. This way, customers will know when they’re moving away from your website.

Having a good menu and good internal connections will ensure that your visitors stay. Relevant links will attract readers to read more of their content. This is how you will earn more ads revenue.

Adsense Rejection is Common Issue – Don’t Give Up!

This is not unusual because adsense policies can be quite harsh.. Even the subtle violations can sometimes lead to rejection.

You think there’s nothing wrong with your blog. But upon closer inspection, there’s always an incomplete one.

You are allowed to reapply at any time. However, it is always wise to invest your time in improving the quality of your website.
Adsense cannot be approved in a hurry. In fact, if you’re too early, AdSense can block you from reapplying until some time has passed.

AdSense violation can be triggered for various reasons. If your blog violates more than two policies, AdSense will sometimes not even bother to explain your flaws. You need to conduct a comprehensive audit to identify the problems..

However, if you violate only two policies, AdSense can describe the source of the problem. You can view the violation details from the Sites section of your AdSense account.

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