15 Web Design Blogs That Are Actionable

15 Web Design Blogs That Are Actionable

15 Web Design Blogs That Are Actionable Motivation comes in many forms, and professional development never ends.. With that in mind, we’ve put together a great list of web design blogs that can keep your mind open all year long. And don’t worry – you won’t find anything wrong with this list. We respect your time and feel that you deserve only the best. That’s why we only collected web design blogs that have been recently updated. Fire up your feed account and get ready to add some subscriptions.
Breaking us to begin with. It’s not often that you find a publication that can consistently break down even more high quality articles. Some places publish lots of articles with very little substance, but these guys make sure every word they publish relates to you as a designer and developer. Recently, they have also launched live workshops on the front end and UX.

2. Oohs

Howard is about one thing: YOU. Every time you land on the homepage, you can click on hundreds of top designs on the internet. The curation that goes into Awards is mind blowing, and you’ll always find new inspiration when you visit. Not only that, but they post interviews and resources that you can use to boost your career. Furthermore, their Site of the Month contest also joins you in voting for work worthy of credit by other people.

3. Web Designer Depot

Motivation, check it out. Technique, check it out. Business, check it out. Freelancing or agency life? Check this out. When it comes to web design, this blog has it covered. If you need to know about it, there’s a ridiculous possibility that Web Designer Depot has an article on this subject. And on top of the interactive quizzes and surveys, not to mention the articles they featured regularly, weekly (if not more frequently), rarely to search through the archives of a blog like theirs Is it fun or productive?.

4. Hongkat

On the HongKat’s blog, learn how to use design tools through your lessons and access freebies like icon packs and fonts. Of course they have web design-based blog posts too, including how to toss and turns and tips for navigating a business as a web designer. (Also includes design philosophy topics.) This blog has been going on for a long time and is certainly one of the more established entries on this list, with plenty of hints for level-support designers, but they cover such topics There are things even beginners can understand, like CSS and general questionnaire intros. 

5. Speak boy

Plain, clean, and straightforward, SpeakBy fills the gap in your life where you need mobile design tips, trends, graphic design, UX studies and independent advice. Not only that, but Specboy has been going around for over a decade and still consistently promotes high quality, well-edited content. Besides, it’s fun to say the name, which is definitely another point in her favor.

6. Creative Bloq

All the designs, all the time. You just can’t go wrong with creative bulk. And the best part is that they update multiple times a day in more than one category, so you’ll always have something new and fantastic to read that highlights your day (design war, at least) Will be.

7. Reddit’s web design subredate

Okay, so Reddit is not quite a blog. This is also not enough of a forum. It just does… Reddit is here. Regardless, we thought this deserves a spot on this list because you can find a lot of really insightful posts about web design there, and the community is growing rapidly.

8. Layout

Not only does Flywheel offer the best local wordpress development environment with locals, but they also offer a great web design blog. Layout is their entrance to the field, and how you’ll find everything to mobilize SVG to make sure your WordPress Gottenburg site looks as good. You’ll also find icon sets sometimes, and the blog goes on to tell you what’s hot if you lose it somehow.

9. Bogorld

Design is not about resources and lessons. Lots of experiences, learnings and understanding are also involved in it. You need to know how to get feedback from your customers and research their habits. Bogorld can help you with that. Between blog posts and related podcasts, the topics range from digital design and marketing to content creation and your overall digital strategy. This is thought out and well gone, so be sure to throw it in your reader.

10. Moklips

If you prefer “top” and “best” lists, the Mockplus Blog will keep you in the roundup for as long as you want. They collect web design examples, fonts, tutorials, icon packs and trends into long lists so you can pick and choose the ones you want to explore more of. They also have in-depth guides on design topics for when you want to be in a place to dive into an article.

11. Site entry

Instead of a typical web design blog with advice and guidelines, ScienSpire is a website design gallery when you’re inspired by – as its name promises. The showcase is updated multiple times a day, so you’ll always be met with the latest designs to check out and love or hate.

12. CSS – Trucks

Web designers use CSS every day. But unlike in the past, we don’t just use CSS for style and design. CSS Trucks knows how to and has integrated a variety of JavaScript and other libraries to develop and design your front-end. Whether you’re a React dev or Woo designer, mobile app engineer or QA tester, CSS Trucks have something up their sleeves that could make your life a little easier.

13. Diagnanta XI

If you can get past aggressively full-page ads, DesignaXI is a great place to get inspiration for your web design. It’s not exactly a web design blog, but it does include a lot of digital design gems, such as interesting online advertising from big name brands and updates on how to know software in the web design world ( Like photoshop ). If your love for design includes website building and beyond, DesignaX is a fun and informative stop.

14. Design mado

Design Modo is known for its outstanding free and awesome premium offerings. On top of that, the lessons and resources offered make it a great place to stop if you need a quick refresher on a particular topic or practice to let a client know how your idea will work (And the theory behind it). They even have a section dedicated just to WordPress, if that’s where you’re focusing on your web design education right now. 15 Web Design Blogs That Are Actionable

15. Line 25

UI and UX Design (many others), Line 25 is sleek and beautiful. They post regularly, so your feed won’t be ignored, and with an attention on WordPress, they should fit into your daily routine. They also have free downloads, like textures, backgrounds and craftsmanship.


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