Requirements About AdSense Eligibility for Blogger

Requirements About AdSense Eligibility for Blogger

Requirements About AdSense Eligibility for Blogger You can get adsense approval for free blogs for bloggers with spot domain. However, it can be a bit difficult, especially for new customers. You will not be able to present your blog spot directly in Adsense. Instead, you’ll have to request for approval through the blogger earn tab.. This feature is only available for blogspot users.

You can check your blogger’s earnings tab to determine if your blog is eligible. For those of you blogspot people, you’ll get a “sign up for adsense” option. If your blogger is not qualified yet, you don’t need to worry because you can learn how to become qualified.


For those of you who own free blogspot websites, the blogger provides you with three general guidelines you must follow to qualify for AdSense. The most common reason your blogger isn’t qualified yet is that you haven’t followed the guidelines properly.

  • Is your blogspot content unique and interesting?
  • Does your blogspot follow the Adsense program policies?
  • Are you at least 18 years old?

Unique and Interesting Content

Your blog should provide high-quality articles that can engage the audience. Based on an article by Francisco Angeli, a member of the AdSense Policy Team, your blogspot site is considered high quality if you meet the following criteria:

  • Originality Provides
  • Your Blog Should Add Value
  • Well Organized
  • Informative

Ask yourself if your blog spot is actually unique and interesting. If you directly copy someone else’s content, it’s very likely that it will never be eligible. Even a blog with widely available content on the internet can face difficulties getting eligible for AdSense.

In order to engage your audience, your blog needs to appear on Google search results. A high quality blogspot would be meaningless if no one could find it. You can pinpoint blogspot website using Google Search Console.


Originality isn’t that hard to get if you put the effort into it. Adsense tagline for a blogger is “Turn your passion into a profit”. If you’re a genuine blogger who uses blogspots to share your hobbies or interests, it’s very likely you’ll qualify for AdSense.
For those of you who start blogging with profit in mind, authenticity can be gained through more research.

You can devote some of your time identifying a popular topic that has not yet been widely discussed and write an article based on that topic. A real topic can be researched by Google Question Center.

While it can be expensive, you can also consider hiring an author to populate your blog with original content. Please note that a free blog with a spot domain can cost far more than the profit gained through blogging, especially if you have less traffic. If you want to blog for commercial purposes, having a premium domain will help you gain more reputation. Requirements About AdSense Eligibility for Blogger

Additional Value

Your essay should provide value to the readers. When visitors read your content, they should be able to gain something. This could be factual information, knowledge, or entertainment. Blogspots that offer articles with common topics do not provide value because this is already known to readers.

Sometimes, you can be inspired by other people’s blogs. It’s okay to use this idea unless you copy the contents directly. You also need to add more value to the original idea. For example, you could translate or rewrite a small piece of someone else’s writing and add additional information and context to make it more useful.

Using the right grammar and having the right shape will increase the value of your blog. See your articles for errors and typos. Updating your older articles is also a good practice to make sure your blog stays relevant.

Setting Up The BlogSpot

An organized blog is a good blog. Providing a good user interface is an important step in becoming eligible. Choose a responsible blog spot theme that loads faster. Layout should be displayed properly on any device. Keep in mind that we are in the mobile first era.

When I wait for my blog to be AdSense eligible I usually use stock modern blogger themes like Contempo or Soho. I also recommend lightweight subjects designed by Igniel, such as Fictioner or Textrim.

Whose theme is mistakes and burden is slow, it will not be good for the qualification. On the other hand, a good theme will ensure that your contents are grappled properly, thus increasing your chance of being eligible.

Don’t forget to have an easy to use navigation menu. Rank your blog posts using labels and put on relevant pages, like My Page, so your audience can reach easily. Make sure there are no broken links or broken lines.

Furthermore, please make sure that your blog is easy to read. Use the proper font size! Surprisingly, so many of the people who asked me to review my blogspots, seem to have a reading aid problem. They also use weird fonts and bad color schemes. This will hurt your chances of qualifying. Requirements About AdSense Eligibility for Blogger


A good blog post should contain useful information. This should not mislead its readers. Some people make a lot of required words in their essay to earn high ranking in Google search results. This is actually the opposite result because your blog can be marked as a spam blog and as such will never be eligible for adsense.

I saw a blog spot that had a lot of needed words but no real valuable article. The number of visitors to the blog is very high but it is not eligible for AdSense. If the content is useless, it is useless to have a high volume traffic.

Don’t fill your blog with fake tips and tricks. It’s better to write a title that you are actually knowledgeable and passionate about. For example, if you are not a doctor and have no medical background, I do not recommend you write about medical advice.

Follow the Adsens Program Policy

All policies of Adsense program are mandatory. However, I want to highlight two very important AdSense program policies for new blogspot users who wish to qualify.

Follow the Google Publisher Policy

You can read Google Publisher’s full policy here to determine what kind of content is allowed by AdSense. A page read is important because it could be the key that unlocks your blogspot’s adsense capabilities. This basically says you shouldn’t post something illegal.

A key aspect of Google Publisher policy relates to “misnarrative content”. Interesting to note that promotion of content, products or services using false, dishonest, or deceptive claims is prohibited. This includes, for example, “Get Rich Quick” schemes.
Policeman is my point of view about the informative blogspot. Do not post fake information. This also raises the question whether a misrepresented domain name could be because your blogspot is ineligible or has been rejected by AdSense.

A good domain name should be short and easy to remember, it doesn’t have to be related to your content. In fact, using the required words as a domain name can be productive in some cases. Coming up with your brand name for your domain would be a great idea.

I also recommend you look into Google Publisher restrictions. Adsense does allow some illegal or adult content. However the blogger content policy specifically restricts you from using adult content as a way to monetize.

Make sure you are 18 or older

For those of you who are still under 18, you can still write your contents with your google account and you may be eligible for AdSense. However you may need your parent to sign up for AdSense. Invite your parent account to be one of your blog administrators through blogger settings. Requirements About AdSense Eligibility for Blogger

Blogging is something everyone can do because blogspot is free. If you’re a teenager, creating a valuable blog can be useful for personal development. Posting random memes on social media is just as entertaining.

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