Top 9 Reasons Why Adsense Will Not Give Approval On Your BlogSpot Website

Top 9 Reasons Why Adsense Will Not Give Approval On Your BlogSpot Website

Top 9 Reasons Why Adsense Will Not Give Approval On Your BlogSpot Website Did you know you can sign up for the adsense monetization program using a free blogspot domain? However, getting approval is not an easy task. Some people claim that AdSense approval is more complicated than it is nowadays. I think this is true. Here are the reasons why Adsense won’t approve your blog

#1 your blog is so new.

If you just created your blog yesterday, AdSense is unlikely to approve it. However, Adsense itself doesn’t clearly state that your blog should have a certain age. Still, usually newly created blogs are under construction, meaning they don’t have solid content.
Adsense will only approve websites with developed content, so newly created blogs are unlikely to be approved. Previously, Adsense suggested that your blog be 6 months old, but I don’t think that’s more true now.

But still, the older website with more published content has a better chance of approval.
So, for new bloggers, I suggest not to rush with monetization. Be patient! Take your time to create a good website that people actually want to visit. Then, sign up for AdSense then. The chance of approval will be very high.

#2 Not having enough published content on your blog.

As I clearly stated in the first point, AdSense approval depends highly on the content. Your published articles are the lifeblood of your blog. If you want to have a profitable blog, don’t be lazy to write!
Too many users were turned down because they did not have enough published articles.. Forget about the monetization if you only have a few ingredients.. If you don’t have visitors you won’t get any selfish profits. Of course, again, AdSense doesn’t care about how many published articles you need to get approval.
Many people think that it is enough to have 15 or 20 articles for AdSense approval. This just might be true. Actually, I was approved with 3 articles. However, this is an exception to the ruling. This is a rare event. Usually, having more than 100 articles gives you a significant chance of success.

#3 Your blog content quality is terrible.

Apart from the quantity of articles published, I understand that quality also significantly affects AdSense approval. In my opinion, quality is defined by three fundamental factors.
The first one is the reality. Adsense will reject your blogspot website if you publish featured content. Furthermore, a website that discusses very common may have a harder time getting AdSense approval. Be original with your idea and the way you present that idea.

The second one is the ability to read. Make sure you are using the right sentences. Attend the generally Accepted Grammar Convention. Also, pay attention to text formatting. Don’t post the text wall!
The third one is the depth of the article. Instead of writing something that is already a clear common knowledge, you should try giving more detail. For example, you want to create a product review website. Don’t just list the features of a product, but explain why those products are good.

#4 Your blog violates adsense content policy.

AdSense maintains a strict set of governance. Any website that violates its content policy will never get approval! So, before you sign up for AdSense, read this official guidelines first!

#5 you are not 18 yet.

The AdSense Monetization Program is only eligible for blogspot users who are already 18 years of age or older. Alternatively, you can ask your parents or a legal guardian to monetize your blog through your AdSense account. Once you are old enough, you can create your own account.

#6 Your blog isn’t sorted by Google.

Adsense doesn’t actually clearly tell you that your blog needs to be sorted into Google. It simply says that users can go to your published website. However, based on my observation, websites that don’t have traffic from Google often struggle to gain AdSense approval. You can index your blogspot website using Google Search Console.

Furthermore, if you want to have a profitable blog, you need to get as much traffic from Google as you can. It pays to be more!

#7 is a spammy subdomain name for your blog.

Objectionable spammy subdomain blogs can’t be approved by adsense. This point is related to point number 4 regarding content policy.
When choosing a subdomain for a blogspot, you have to be original with it. Be brief and memorable!

#8 Your blog is not properly organized.

Having a navigation menu is an essential part of getting adsense approval. In fact, a website that doesn’t have a proper menu will cause a certain rejection.
Make sure you have a functional menu that helps customers come to your content. Avoid having broken links on your website!

#9 How to change your blog theme when you’re waiting for approval.

Top 9 Reasons Why Adsense Will Not Give Approval On Your BlogSpot Website Once again, AdSense only approved one blog developed.. If you change your theme during the approval process, adsense will think your website is still under construction, which means it’s not ready for monetization.
Are you still having issues with Adsense Monetization in BlogSpot or Blogger? Leave a comment below!

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